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Honouring My Inner Child

Honouring My Inner Child

Following a wonderful, satisfying piece of personal work on my Inner Child, I was inspired to create Honouring My Inner Child as an invitation for you to connect with your Inner Child.

I believe our Inner Child is always ‘there’, maybe resting, playing, hiding, observing... He or She may feel really connected - or perhaps disconnected - but I believe they are ‘there’.

I now invite You to Honour Your Inner Child through my process.

I have created a series of Videos and Prompts to help guide and support you through this online process.

There is always lots of opportunity for personal growth as well as gorgeous colour when you create with me.

You may be interested in some or all of my prompts and wish to explore them privately or through contact with me. It seems that when I am included in a Participant's processing, this offers in-depth personal growth and self awareness as well as a more confident and joyful You and I love that!

Often, simply creating and allowing the mirroring which happens between our Art and Self is enough. We can be impacted at a very deep level and no words are required. If you would like to share your images with me please do, I love to see what you have been creating.


Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

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Duration: 1 year
Price: £49.00

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