Dear Emotional You FREE

Dear Emotional You FREE


Come on in and creatively express all your Feelings and Emotions...

I include a downloadable template you can trace/copy or you can sketch your own.

You can Absolutely Do This and you can't get anything wrong.

Please don't be afraid... because the more we Feel, the more we Heal!


Karina says:  "Although I couldn't find the words to write on my painting, I just love seeing Little Me appear and put a great big smile on my face!  Thanks Kassi x"


You will develop Self Awareness which Reduces Stress & Anxiety, lifts Mood, and brings Joy & Contentment!


Inside, you will find my 40 minute Video where I gently lead you step by step through the whole process, showing you 'how' and talking you through it, simply and easily. 

You can follow me as closely or as loosely as you wish.  Make this your own.

Your painting will be completely unique as your DNA is to You ...and this is Beautiful! 

If you wish to download my traceable image you can, or you may wish to sketch your own.


You may wish to simply create ...and if you’re curious there is scope to engage with my Reflective Prompts within my videos to help you dig a little deeper in to your Creative Process, its Symbols and most importantly, Your Self! 



Lucy says: "you've delighted me with your course!  I love listening to, and watching you create & was enthralled to create mine!  I've begun doing one every week!"

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You create more than one.  Each will 'speak' in words and image of how you are feeling that particular moment of that day.  Each one will be a reflection of you whenever you create.

And... this will allow you to express your feelings and feel differently because you have expressed your Feelings!  When we Feel, we Heal...  I believe this is very true.


There is no rush.  The slower you work the more you will benefit by attending to yourself as you create

I wasn't long back from celebrating my birthday in London and I was feeling rather flat...  

When I feel something big, I need to get creative and so I created this.  I felt much better and happier once I allowed my Inner Child to be Seen, Heard and express her 'flatness' now her holiday was over.

The original sketch is available as a pdf which you can download and use to trace my image.


Use any art materials you have to hand.  You could use watercolours, acrylics, pens, pencils, pastels... anything you wish.  I use a combination of Pastels, Acrylic Paint, Bindex/Gel Medium, Glitter and a Fine Line Permanent Pen.

You will be invited to use words which resonate for how YOU are feeling as you create.

Use colours which express how you feel in the moment. 

Don't worry, you don't need to 'know' your Fingers will show you the way!


As you watch me you can hear me share my own Stories.  This will invite you to reflect on your Self.  I believe this is Very important for the development of our Self Awareness and to Nurture the Relationship we have with ourselves.

You will also get a taste of how I use Art for personal growth and well being.

Please share my beautiful Course with others by letting them know about my FREE Gift and my other FREE Gifts too!  Please spread my Therapeutic Love far and wide!

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About Kassi

I’m Kassi Martin, a Psychotherapist & Expressive Artist.  Over many years, I’ve developed my Unique Process which is deeply therapeutic.

I’m on a Mission to make my Therapeutic Courses accessible to EVERYBODY!

Everything I offer is steeped in healing, transformational Self Expression


We don’t need to be stressed, anxious, depressed or traumatised to ‘need’ my Therapeutic Courses.  However, I do believe everyone can benefit from the healing power of my work as a Tool for greater Well Being and Mental Health.

It’s like ‘banking’ positive Mental Health.  If we take care of our Mental Health and Well Being regularly, we can manage stressful events easily and more calmly when they occur ...and we can bounce back quickly afterwards.

I offer Courses that encourage full on, Self Expression whether in colour, texture, collage, written or spoken words and preferably with great soundtrack playing in the background!  Expressing ourselves fully, releases us from childhood Conditioning, develops Confidence, Self Esteem, Inner Peace and a deep authentic Joy.


If you choose to share your art in my free online community group, I will ‘meet’ you in there.  You can share your thoughts, feelings, art making, course content with me and I will connect with you.

You may wish to simply create ...and if you’re curious there is scope to engage with my Reflective Prompts within my videos and in my reflective prompts built into most of my Courses to invite you to dig a little deeper in to your Creative Process, its Symbols and most importantly, Your Self!

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me if you would like to share any of your ‘Ah-Ha’ moments or ask questions.  I am warm and responsive. Tag:  Kas Martin

I Teach How your Fingers, Intuition & Innate Body Wisdom has the capacity to Heal at a deep, Unconscious level Without The Need for Words

and How you can Relate with yourself, to transform Self Criticism, Doubt & Fear into Self Acceptance, Inner Peace and an incredible Joy in simply being yourself. 


My Values: Empathy, Accompaniment, Self Acceptance, Self Witnessing

I Encourage: Body Wisdom, Unconscious Process, development of Self Awareness & Relationship with Oneself to become our most Truest Self

Informed By: Carl Rogers, Client Centred Psychotherapy, Carl Jung, Relational Transactional Analysis, Somatic Experiencing & Psychodrama

I Celebrate everyone as Unique and Individual on their own Journey 


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Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free

About Me

Psychotherapist providing Self Expression for Change & Growth.

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