Tree Hugs

Tree Hugs

In this painting experience you will learn how to create a Negative Space Painting and how to create Intuitively with all I've learned over the years.  I share Everything with you.

I absolutely love my Tree and in fact I made two in a week! 

They look fantastic framed in the Hall or Kitchen or in a Child's Bedroom!

Just £29 (full value £49) 

After a wonderful walk through the ancient woods of South West Scotland my fingers were itching to get back to my studio.


Experience how Painting Reduces Stress and Lifts Mood with my playful Tree painting adventure.


Express your feelings & emotions through colour & texture.  You can follow me step by step or trust your fingers to lead the way.  No Thinking, Analysing or Painting experience is required.  Learn how to create intuitively. 

In the final stages I add little birds and flowers to my painting with collage papers which you may also love to do.  It really is a truly fun experience!

Painting in this Mindful way allows us to truly be in the moment, freeing ourselves from dwelling on the past or dreading the future which generally brings about Anxiety, Stress & low mood.

Acrylic Paint in colours which express how you feel

I used Gold, Blue, Green, Orange in metallic from Pebeo  

Also opaque white and yellow acrylic paint
Dark blue Uni Posca Pen
Shimmery Foils (Phil Martin - optional)
PVA Glue
Craft Papers or Images torn from magazines or old greetings cards

You are welcome to follow me step by step or trust yourself to Let Go and express how you feel through your own choice of colours and materials.

Join my free online community to connect with me personally, share photos of your painting.  If you aren't sure about painting yet, join my community anyway - I imagine you will soon feel inspired looking at everyone's creativity.



...the uplifting experience of painting to create a Negative Space painting deeply relaxing it is to create in this way amazed at how easily your beautiful Tree emerges before your eyes engrossed we can be, distracting ourselves from everyday worries and concerns

...lower your stress levels and anxiety too as your painting emerges

...experience how Mindful and Meditative painting my way is more about who you really are

...develop confidence how our Inner Critic pops out whenever we try anything new

...learn how to quieten your Critic down

...learn to Let Go and discover what you can gain when you let go through this process


Are you ready to dive right in to colour, texture, new experiences, letting go and listening to yourself?

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Duration: Lifetime
Price: £29.00