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Honouring My Inner Child

When I created Honouring My Inner Child I had no idea how my experience would unfold.  I had a sense of apprehension and realised that, at last I was going to truly meet mine.

In the past I have been to Inner Child days, I've “attended” to my Inner Child within personal therapy and “workshopped” my Inner Child.  This feels 'forced' and 'robotic' now I reflect on these experiences.

I now invite You to Honour Your Inner Child through my gentle, compassionate, creative process.

You may wonder how you can do this through an ecourse.  I have created a series of Videos and Prompts to help guide and support you through this online process.  You will be able to watch most of my own journey as I share my process moment by moment.  

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Letting Go

My beautiful new FREE online art class is here whether you paint regularly or haven't since schooldays. I created this Free Taster course for those of you who have heard about my work and are curious to discover how my approach to Intuitive Art offers amazing personal development and helps in so many ways.

I feel very excited and happy with my new FREE gift. I gained so much from the whole experience as I created it and feel excited and feel sure You too will benefit in ways which are just 'right' for You.

I have 9 self paced videos which gently lead you through the whole process. You can follow me exactly, step by step, or you can trust in your own innate Intuitive Process and allow your very own Letting Go Painting emerge in colours which light up your heart & soul.

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Welcome to WILDflowers my new FREE online artclass.  Here I gently lead you through the creation of my beautiful painting that speaks of being a Free, Playful, Relaxed You.  I have four easy videos for you to follow accompanied by a personal development prompt for you to explore as you create, if you wish.  This isn't about 'Art & Theory' this about Loosening up on Rules, being Playful and Letting Go.

We don't need many art materials; a piece of board or wallpaper lining, two or three brushes, a foam paddle, around 6 acrylic paint colours that lift your Soul, some glitter (optional) and space to loosen up.

I have a FREE facebook group for those participating in one of my online art classes. If you join, you can share images of your painting as it emerges. You may also wish to share images of your art materials, your journal, feelings... relating to this online experience and I, Kassi, will interact with you in the group.

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Themed Intuitive Mixed Media

Allow me to gently guide you step-by-step via videos through the process of creating a unique intuitive mixed media painting which may be the first of many for you. You are encouraged to create a theme of your own choosing - my theme is India and your's could be Nature, Botanicals, Birds, Butterflies, Trees - you may just wish to create and see what emerges intuitively.

As always I offer exciting & plentiful personal development Promps as you work through the videos. Boundaries popped up in my mind as I created. If this interests you, you may find my conversation and prompts useful, challenging & helpful. I also invite you to consider your Inner Critic and 'Endings' too.

There is always lots of opportunity for personal growth as well as gorgeous colour when you create with me.  You can join my Free facebook group to connect with me and share photos of your beautiful creation as it emerges. 

I also have an exciting extra, FREE Bonus course for you which you will find out more about when you sign up.

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Paint Shine Brightly

Allow me to gently guide you through the step by step creation of my gorgeous and deliciously colourful Tree Painting 'Shine Brightly'.

If you like to experiment and play creatively, you are encouraged to paint using colours that make you feel joyful and trust your Intuition - that innate gift we are all born with - to allow your very own version of 'Shine Brightly' to be painted into Being.

I have 9 calmly paced videos with no pressure to perform or perfect!  In fact I would say the opposite.  I am very aware how the stresses and strains of every day living can impact us leading to many unpleasant symptoms, aches and pains.

Best of all, this is a joyful process, fun and relaxing and you have a beautiful Painting to hang proudly in your home!  ....and then make another perhaps?!

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Paint the Tree of YOUR Life

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life my popular, Unique & Inspirational Intuitive Art & Personal Development class. Let Go of Thinking & Planning.  Trust your Intuition. Intuitive Art leads us to a Confident, Happier, Less Stressed Self Acceptance. When we create art intuitively, I believe we become deeply connected to our Truest Self. Creating art is hugely healing on many levels.

'I highly recommend this wonderful opportunity to experience Kassi’s unique form of self-discovery and personal development through intuitive art and Paint the Tree of Your Life. I love to work in an intuitive way and see a visual expression of my feelings. I felt I got to know and understand myself a little better through each stage of creating the tree of my life. Kassi supported my process throughout the group. Her warmth and curiosity enabled me to deeply explore the images and my process. There is no pressure to share, however when I did it felt that I was being witnessed by a very supportive group of people. This warm and non-judgemental environment has given me a sense of freedom from my more critical voices.'  Alex 

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Intuitive Collage

Whether you already Love and Appreciate the Therapeutic value of creating Intuitive Art or not, I feel sure you will be filled with joy making your very own Intuitive Collage. Experience inner happiness by tearing, cutting, gluing, working in the moment, adding paint & ink with no need to know why, simply going with your Intuition, that amazing gift each of us is born with.

Let me gently guide you through self paced videos, inviting you to create your own unique Intuitive Collage.  Satisfying, joyful and with all important Healing & Well Being. A year's access to create as many Intuitive Collages as you wish. 

I share my own Intuitive Collage making process whilst gently guiding you through the creation of your own, unique Intuitive Collage that will speak of You and your life. Once you have made your collage if you would like to explore it with me, you can.  Connect with me in my free facebook group.

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Patchwork Tree

The Patchwork Tree 

If you are currently undertaking this course sign in as usual.

To participate in a beautiful FREE Intuitive Art & Personal Development course, choose either Letting Go or Wildflowers at the top.

Create, learn to let go a little (or a lot!), free yourself up & explore my exciting Personal Development prompts. Both Free ecourses are about Letting Go but offering different creative processes to do this. 

Join my Free facebook group. share images and connect with me & others in the group. We offer compassion, encouragement, kindness, empathy and support.

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Beltane Blossoms

Beltane Blossoms Online Art Video E-Course

A Painting & Mixed Media ecourse. Gentle, step by step videos demonstrating how to create this beautiful Tree.  No need to be artistic to take part, just a willingness to embrace the process.  Relax & enjoy creating 'Beltane Blossoms' to proudly hang in your home.  I created this painting of our stunning Cherry Blossom Tree which blooms during Beltane, a Gaelic May Day Festival.

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Worry Tree

Worry Tree Online Art E-Course

Keep Calm & Paint A Worry Tree!  Do you Worry?  We all have some Worries don't we?  It's what we DO with our Worries that matters though.  Lying awake all night worrying or sitting preoccupied at work worrying isn't a way of dealing with our Worries effectively.  Worrying continually simply creates more anxiety. The Worry Tree is a Painting & Personal Development ecourse.

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Summer Wildflowers

Summer Wildflowers is a joyful, relaxing Art Class for everybody. Whether new or experienced. Allow me to lead you gently and easily through your creation of Summer Wildflowers step by step.

Gentle, Calm Videos where you can work at your own pace, use colours that just light up your Soul for only £10.  And.... an extra FREE Art Class is included called WILD!  A whole year's access, both  for just £10.

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Door Wreath

How to create your own door wreath Online Art Video E-Course

Create a stunning Holly Door Wreath or place a Church Candle in its centre and lay on your Christmas dining table.  With a year's access you can dry Pomegranate Skins, spray them gold, collect Pine Cones, Cinnamon Sticks, add a huge Red Tartan Bow to finish off.  Once you begin playing with ideas you won't stop! Simple, step by step videos guide you through the process. This could become a winter income!

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About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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