Honouring My Inner Child

In The Words Of A Song



Autumn Tree

Honouring My Inner Child 2

Magic Squares

Free Tree

The Patchwork Tree

Intuitive Art for Personal Growth

Paint the tree of Your Life

Summer Wildflowers

Intuitive Collage

Paint Shine Brightly

Themed Intuitive Mixed Media


Flowers Blooming Wildly

Letting Go

My Courses

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Your unique Intuitive Collage will 'speak' deeply for You.

Develop self awareness and celebrate the Parts of Self that you discover during this Mindful process.

Discover the wonderful impact colour & texture have upon you.

Follow me or allow your fingers to lead the way.

Relax deeply, allow your stress to release as you paint.

A Soulful Journey rich in Texture, Colour & Meaning.

Discover the amazing messages your Tree has for You!

Finger painting, dripping & splattering

vibrant Pink, Lilac, Orange, Gold & Greens bringing Joy & Freedom

Choose colours which light up your Heart



Loosen Up & Let Go.  Release yourself from the need to get things 'right'.

Experience freedom, joy & deep relaxation when you loosen your need to 'control'.

Let Go of your need to Plan & Control.

What we have need not remain this way forever. We have choices in art ...& life.

An exciting, expressive art course combining your favourite music tracks, painting expressively and writing reflectively.

Dance, sing, paint and reflect! 

Connect deeply with your younger Self

A mindful & deeply Soulful inner journey

Express your feelings and emotions through colour and texture

Express your feelings through colour & texture, reduce Stress & life mood. 

Follow step by step or trust your fingers to lead the way.

New to Expressive Art? Try my FREE Relaxing Gift
Oil Pastels & Paper. You can do it in lunch break or evenings
With a Bonus video!

About Me

Whether you wish to paint more intuitively with soul & joy or you’re seeking out your Truest Self then I am the person you are looking for to guide you.

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