Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer - An Important Reminder

In purchasing and participating in my ecourses you understand and agree that:

You agree to take responsibility for your health, mental health, well being & health and safety. 

My ecourses are Educational and intended for enjoyment and personal growth. 

They are Not intended as a substitute for mental health or well being Treatment that a participant may need or want.  

There is no 'Assessment' for undertaking my ecourses.  You as the Participant/Customer agree to take Responsibility and assess for yourself any risk that any of my ecourses/activities poses to You and to choose a safe course of action for yourself.

Although my Background is in Counselling, I do not offer counselling here within my ecourses.

Creating Art can impact us in many ways.  It can be educational, healing, relaxing, life changing and joyful to make.  

Occasionally, unresolved issues arise, just in the same way as catching the scent of a perfume that perhaps your Grandmother wore or hearing an old song from your first love on the radio. 

These moments can take us back to a time or place in our history which can cause our feelings, emotions and thoughts to arise regarding that time.

From time to time we may need to attend to these issues.  We may remember a past experience whilst painting, write about it reflectively in our journal and then pack those memories, feelings, thoughts, events, people away again within us.

My ecourses do Not replace any medical treatment or advice you may need or want. If any issues arise which cause you discomfort or difficulties, you agree by participating/purchasing to seek help in the way one usually would by speaking to your GP, Nurse Practitioner, Counsellor or other Practitioner who can listen, advise  and support you appropriately in that situation. 

Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Regarding Health & Safety when using creative materials & products:

By purchasing & participating in my ecourses you agree to take complete Responsibility for your Health & well being by reading and adhering to the instructions & warnings given by art manufacturers about their products.

Free Facebook Group
Kassi Martin offers free facebook group spaces where you can join, share and connect with others in the groups.

Kassi Martin reserves the Right to remove or moderate any posts to maintain the integrity, safety and well being within any of her facbook groups, including any non ecourse related  material, networking for your own business.

Should a member continue to post inappropriately they will be removed from the group temporarily or permanently.

By joining and participating within any of Kassi's facebook groups, you agree that we cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of facebook groups and members and you will choose to only share those posts you feel comfortable sharing.  You agree that you are aware you can delete your own comments or images at any time and you can remove yourself from these groups at any time.

Intellectual Property
Any Video content, Prompts, ecourse themes, pdf files or Art images created by Kassi remain the Intellectual Property of Kassi Martin and must not be copied, shared or sold anywhere or to anyone.