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hi there

How are you doing?

It's been a very slow month for me so far.  I often feel bemused by this...  same number of hours in every day... same number of days in the week yet one day can fly by and others drag...  

I'm really grateful December is going so slowly.  I have lots of lovely activities to do - my favourite being making a couple of Door Wreaths.  It is such a wonderful experience.  All that springy, icy cold moss freshly gathered from my generous source.  The smell is amazing!  Have you ever stuck your nose into a bouncy handful of Moss?  The earthiness, the soil, the pine smells from the Trees...   I'm certain I can smell the gurgling river in it too. 

I'd love to bottle that fragrance.  It's so uplifting!  Then the amazing Fir that my Mum supplies me with from her old Tree in the front garden.  That has a whole other, amazing fragrance altogether.  To me, it's invigorating and combined with the Moss - oh yum, my Senses enlivened!

Our variegated Holly bush in our garden is laden this year and I will be combining both this deep yellow and green Holly with the dark shiny green Holly from Mr Johnstone.  The smell of  Holly always reminds me of raw Christmas cake.  So as you can read, making a Holly and Berry Door Wreath is quite an experience for my Touch, Smell and Sight Senses.

Once all the Holly and Berries have been added along with the great big festive Tartan Bow, cinnamon sticks, clementines and Hedera Ivy, it looks and smells amazing.

It feels like 'Soul' work to me.  Working with natural materials like this, especially using my hands, is very fulfilling.  Did you know I have a Wreath-making eCourse?  Here is the link;   https://www.kassimartin.com/e-courses/door-wreath  I actually miss providing the Holly Wreath making workshops in November and December.  Maybe I will run a few next winter :-))

Gosh it's hard to believe I used to make hundreds of Holly and Berry wreaths when I was a florist.  Very satisfying and a great way to make money at Christmas too if you were thinking of ways to increase your income November & December.


Back to my passion for Intuitive Art and Personal Development...  this year has been an amazing year for many of you who have been undertaking the bountiful Personal Development available through my ecourses - and for me too.  

I always did know - but feel I have now been completely convinced through your experience and feedback that what I do is a wonderful, truly life-changing process and I feel very proud of my work.  

It isn't easy to share that as my Critic pops right out and insists that I mustn't get too big for my boots, however... I am simply sharing how exciting my findings are based on the evidence of my work with those of you who undertake Personal Development with me.

The biggest 'barrier' seems to be most people's initial protest which is:  'I can't paint, I'm not creative, my Teacher told me I will never be an artist...' and my response - after my great sadness to hear this - is always that we are all Artists.  Every one of us.  All we need is something to create on from the pavement or a wall with chalk or a piece of paper and a pencil or pen.  

Self Expression comes in many forms and we don't all need to work in the same way as say a well known 'Artist'.  

Let me share a little story with you which may help you make sense of this...

A few days ago I watched something amazing.  My Beloved and I were wandering along admiring the view and suddenly in the distance I heard the sound of music.  I had never heard music like this before my attention was grabbed.  As I got closer, I was trying to make sense of what I was hearing.  A sort of 'strings' sound.  Also some kind of percussion that reminded me of Spanish dancing music.  I gathered speed as I spied a young man sitting on a stool, with a guitar laying flat on his lap.  My first thought was 'how can he be making that incredible sound from that guitar?'

I was clearly judging him with the view that 'we must hold a guitar in a particular way'!

We got within a few feet of him and I was mesmerised.  Not only did he have bare arms and hands that were bright red with icy cold December weather but the sounds he was making were totally unique, like nothing I had heard before.  

Everything about his 'performance' was unique.  He was making movements on the guitar in ways I had never witnessed which created incredible music.  

I could have stood for ages watching and listening.  He was totally lost, engrossed in what he was doing.  Although he was 'busking' he was not interested in whether we all, the crowd, were there or not, he would have played simply for his love of playing, for his passion, for his need to express himself - I believe.  This was just a beautiful sight in itself.

So the moral of my story?  You don't have to make art in ways which are seen as 'art' out there in the big wide world.  Using art materials in your very own unique way, is Self Expression and Art created by YOU.

You can test this out if you wish.  Why not use a piece of paper, even a scrap of an old envelope lying around your home and anything you wish...  kids old wax crayons, soil from the garden, leaves that are lying around having fallen from the Trees... you really could express yourself in any way you wish...  take a photo(s) and email these to me along with anything you are feeling or thinking as you undertook this process to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I Will reply to you.  Absolutely. 

I feel really excited about this little experiment.  Even if we have worked together already, please feel free to participate.  Test this process out.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  Have lots of fun as you express yourself as your unique Self <3



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