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hi there

How are you today?  I'd love to hear about your day - however it is unfolding for you.

I'm having a restful day.  Yesterday I had a full day of client work - love my job soooo much - then I packed my journal, my pencil case and grabbed my phone and charger and went off to an ancient little building just on the City outskirts to chill in my favourite corner.  The building is quite magical and goes on and on but you wouldn't notice that at first glance.  Initially it looks like a modern, refurbed coffee shop with a rich aroma of Italian Coffee.  Once ensconced in to my favourite seat I let out a lovely deep breath of relaxation.  The place was almost empty and I was so grateful for the space and cool air and quiet inside.

Underneath my seat is an ancient, historic building leading up underneath the road of today and into the old City, Courts and Gaol.  Oh wow...  I just Love Old Buildings <3

Today, I intend to set precious time aside to create in my studio for my own self inquiry. I have something important to explore in myself which needs resolution and I know I will discover it through my creativity. I am looking forward to this.  It's a funny thing that we go delving deeply inwards and although it may be a little wobbly making at times for me and for most who work with me, we just love and embrace the Change through Self Inquiry and Self Discovery - it's So exciting!

It will also nurture my Nervous System and Reduce my Stress as I work through my process.

The "thing" I am working upon came about from a recent course I began for my own self discovery which is having a profound impact upon me.  It certainly isn't easy to find superb online courses for my own personal exploration and although I love to work through my own course creations I of course embrace something fresh and new from another.

I began working through the questions and the first two lines brought me to a screeching halt.

The first line said:  'On first glance, you'll probably notice...'
and the second:    'But if you look a little deeper you'll see..'

Isn't it remarkable how a few words on a page could grab me so deeply? I became really preoccupied with these two lines and my "filling in the gap" become so much more!  In fact, I reflected so deeply upon them they could have provided me with enough of a Prompt to write an entire Essay. Wow...!  So when I filled out the first line it was rather a drab and derogatory remark I made about myself...  and the second response (but if you look a little deeper you will see.... Well I was blown away with all I found to share about my self in here.  I seemed to really awaken somehow to who I really am.

Experiencing this also helped me to value my own Prompts much more. Every video I make is accompanied by an in depth Prompt to gently lead and guide those who participate in my courses. I found myself gazing into a mirror as I so often bat away the many complements I receive about the depth of what I offer in my courses.

...And so, as I put the kettle on and get ready to cross my garden to my studio, I feel excitement trickling in my tummy...

I may share some of what I discover...

If there is anything you feel I can help you with, get in touch. 07876222790 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I offer Counselling, Creative Therapy, Expressive Art All - for self inquiry, self discovery & personal growth - in person, in studio and online.



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Sunday, 19 January 2020

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