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Let The Dark Be Seen

Intuitive Collage Kassi Martin Intuitive Collage Let The Dark Be Seen

Hi there,

How are you?

and how am I...?  Hmmmm, I am supposed to be on holiday  :-(  by the Sea in our favourite Scottish retreat.  However, what I am actually doing is nursing a wracking cough and virus which refuses to just go quietly!

I am much, much better than I was.  In fact, if you saw me, you wouldn't think there was anything amiss.... until I speak with a deep, gruff voice and every now and then, machine-gun coughing which really hurts my rib cage.  Argggg!!!  "So cross and it's just not fair!" my inner child stamps her foot.  


The day we were due to drive up North I just couldn't muster energy to do more than shower and dress.  Normally I'd be in my studio trying to decide what I could take with me that wouldn't damage a hotel room.  I am most definitely on the mend as I've been happily pottering around in my studio, making art for my own medicine sake and have really enjoyed myself.


I was very excited when the postie arrived with some more goodies I had forgotten I'd ordered!  I opened up the package with a furrowed brow.  What was in these two parcels?  Ah yes!!  More stuff for Intuitive Collage.  Squealing with excitement (silently, so I don't set off a coughing fit).  How could I have forgotten I'd ordered this stuff?!  I couldn't wait to get out in to the studio and make a start with the Tim Holtz botanical paper/card and some Olde images of Victorian looking humans of all ages.  As I gently look through all the images I get a sense of my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and my own Mother as a baby wondering about some Constellations type Intuitive Collage coming up.  I may even make one for my Mum for Christmas who is so often full of memories of Back Then...

Intuitive Collage

Have you ever tried making a Collage?  Lots of people have made them with me online or in studio.  Every single Intuitive Collage I make is completely unique and totally different and Always tells another part of my Life Story without having to say a word.  It's exciting, intuitive, meditative, mindful & deeply healing.  It's more about Story Telling.  Telling YOUR stories from Your life.

You know I think it's so important to share our Stories.  Many of us are raised not to 'brag' or 'show off' or even be seen in a tiny way.  And to tell a story that is more unfortable and unpleasant we are often seen as being a 'victim' or playing the 'poor me' game... such derogatory terms and simply enforces that 'stiff upper lip' war time approach to living and being :-(  Very Un-therapeutic and Un-healing to my mind to keep it all locked away inside of us, toxic pools of sadness...  Just think what pain and suffering this brings about to our mind and to our body!  I really believe expressing our stories, our experiences, our losses, our relationship difficulties can only be of benefit and to do that in an accepting, non-judgmental way is Vital!


The very first Intuitive Collage I made - well I didn't actually know that is what I was doing at the time as I hadn't labelled it as Intuitive Collage until I'd finished work, but you know, it was an amazing experience.  Very exciting and so easy to do.  I couldn't believe how much was pouring out from me and how much better I felt as I work.  Well self expression leads to feeling so much better in so many ways!  My fingers and intuition just worked together beautifully, like bestest friends and everything unfolded before my eyes.  You might like to have a look up at the header image above.


Would you like to create an Intuitive Collage?  If you would I have it all there in a an online course for you.  You don't need to know howI am there alongside you, on video, gently leading you throughout the whole process, encouraging you to Trust your Fingers, your Intuition and they absolutely won't let you down!  I know this 100%.   With every video, I create a Reflective Prompt, rich and creative to get your juices flowing as you consider and reflect upon your unfolding collage.  Oh I'd love you to give this a go, you would get so much out of it, I just know you would!  (feeling very excited for you right now!)  I've put a clip from a video in below...

You might like to read about Liz and Tracy's experiences of creating with my process;

Liz says: "Intuitive Collage was so much more than I expected. I took my time to gather items to play with for the collage which was so much fun. I did not realise that I was collecting a number of images of me as a child that I did not have until about 2 years ago (now 57) and as I was gathering these items I was tapping into memories, fun, some not so fun so was being transported. I did a little journaling alongside.

When I finally came to collage I was ready and in no time I had an amazing layered collage, which meant so much to me in terms of being more integrated with the different Parts of me. I loved the process and what I have created. The reflective Conversation with Kassi after, was incredible and as I journeyed I got to witness my inner child in such a proud, wonderful way, and got to honour her and my life's journey to date without even thinking too much about it. The process was so intuitive. I feel more whole, integrated some how. I want to do another. I loved it. Thank you so much Kassi."

Gathering glue, magazines, old greetings cards, travel brochures, wrapping paper, buttons, glitter, photocopies of yourself at any age or others who are important to you... whatever you have to hand. As you select cuttings do your best to accept your gut instinct. You may have no idea why you chose a particular picture or word, it will become apparent as you create your collage.

Tracy says: "I enjoy all of Kassi's courses and this was no exception. My intuitive collage unfolded very naturally through a very well guided set of prompts and questions and videos. I found myself being totally committed to my Collage and to the messages that arose as a result of delving deep into the layers of images and colours. I couldn't stay away from my Collage too long and each time I re-connected with it, I became totally absorbed in the process. It was a very healing experience."

Here is the link to my actual course if you would like to read more about it...  https://www.kassimartin.com/e-courses-sign-up/intuitive-collage  Did I mention it is Just £49!  

You also get a 30 minute FREE Discovery Conversation with me which is worth £25.  Also a year's access - not because it will take you a year.  I can create a beautiful Intuitive Collage within a week as I get so involved and just love the process... it's like a delicious cup of coffee.  You don't want to let it go cold and keep sipping and enjoying until the end...  Then you can make another, and another if you wanted to.

Materials You Could Use:

Khadi Paper Notebook (mine is 10" x 10")

Alternatively; a canvas board, Acrylic Art Paper or Perspex of any size that feels just right!

A Journal/Notebook & Pen to reflect personal insights

Photocopies of Photos of Self or Loved Ones

PVA glue or Pebeo Gel Medium

Gel Pens or Uni Posca Pens (optional)

Magazines, travel brochures, Colouring In Books, Wrapping Paper, Craft Papers, old birthday cards, tissue paper, art mags

Craft Ribbons, Buttons, Beads, Glitter, Birds, Stars, Hearts, Sequins

Glue Brush & one or two Paint brushes

2 or 3 Acrylic Paints that appeal to you


You Will Gain:

...Experience the therapeutic value in simple Collage making

...Learn how to Trust your fingers to lead the way

...Celebrate & Acknowledge the Parts of your Self which emerge during the process

...Learn to Trust your Intuition and Impulses which develops our confidence in everyday life

...Slow things down, relaxing deeply and listening to the Wisdom of Your Body

...Develop Self Awareness through this process

...Express your feelings, emotions & thoughts through images that form your Collage

...Gaze in to your Intuitive Collage and feel an Inner Peace as you see Yourself and Life in there

...Learn how to dialogue between Parts of the Collage to learn what messages your Art has for you

...Experience therapeutic value in tearing, gluing & building an overall image

...Let Go of Thinking or Planning which creates tension and stress within

...Trust your intuition helping you feel less stressed and more at ease in your own skin

...As we find ourselves within our art, we Accept our Selves more fully with huge benefits

...Connect with me in my online community group, share images as your collage emerges.

...Slow things down, relaxing deeply and listening to the Wisdom of Your Body

...Develop Self Awareness through this process

...Express your feelings, emotions & thoughts through images that form your Collage


Experience a FREE 30 minute conversation at any point during your course - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange when you feel ready

Gain 12 hours of CPD for your Professional Body if you are a Caring Professional

Right I'm off out to my studio to get stuck in to my latest Olde Worlde Collage - I feel quite excited about what this one will have to share with me!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday <3

Kassi  x

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