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Eye-Spy! An Exciting Exploration of Art with Ros


hi there

How are you doing today?

I've been having a long, slow morning. Breakfast in the garden with my Beloved, feeding the birds and watching their antics on the low wall beside us.

I painted for a little while as I am currently creating 'Honouring Your Inner Child' Art Course which I am Loving.  I so enjoy putting myself through the whole process as I create it, the whole thing of creating and experiencing is Intuitive!  

I've come on here to share an exploration I did with Ros a little while ago - slightly edited down a little but full to the brim of exciting connection.

As you may already know, when you doodle, sketch, paint... whatever comes from your fingers and flows out in self expression speaks a thousands words. We don't always need words to make sense of these images but when we make a little time to explore our images & colours, amazing self awareness and personal development flows from this.

....and this can be life changing!

Ros and I spent time exploring one of her pen and ink doodles to see what we could glean from it. I do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed working with Ros;

Initially Ros sent me four images as she wasn't sure which one to work from.

Kassi: I've had a look at your images a few times Ros.  All interesting and lovely, thank you for sharing them.

Ros: How do we proceed?

Kassi: I could ask questions and open up your answers a little... Is that ok with you? If you don't want to answer anything, please do say as there is no pressure to ever go where you don't wish to. 

Ros: Mmm... it's quite difficult to choose as they all have something..

Kassi: It feels like if you choose one you will miss out on what the others all have?

Ros: Is there one you think would be interesting to explore or does it not matter? This is new to me..

Kassi: It's not easy to choose, I understand... I love them all. How about if we have a little wander around each of them first and see if you can settle on one?

Ros: Let's go for the pen and ink doodle as it was created from my Mind and grew organically

Kassi: Ok great. 

Kassi: Your doodle is so interesting and colourful to look at Ros. As you look at your image can you bring your attention to your whole body and just notice how you feel?

Ros: I think it has a sad feeling but I feel I can overcome whatever it is and will be okay

Kassi: You sense a sad feeling.... then know whatever the sadness is about you can overcome it?

Ros: Yes or I imagine that should the worst ever happen I'll find a way to cope or even use the experience to gain better understanding because the alternative might be to go totally loopy.

Kassi: Ros you sound like a very strong woman who has overcome life situations and when you go through these life experiences you gain more understanding each time?

Ros: yes, it changes you and gives you insight. Not everyone can cope the same.

Kassi: I agree. Sounds like you've changed a lot over time... you've coped - always. I am getting a sense of perhaps friends and relatives looking up to you in awe at some of these things you have coped with?

Ros: I feel very disappointed with some in my family who instead of helping have run away and refused to look me in the eye. It's incredible how cowardly I feel they have been. Not even phoning to see how I was. They think I am strong but I've had to find a way. Drawing and doodling helps a lot.

Kassi: I'm sad to read how alone you have felt at times Ros. Even the strongest of us need a chat, need a little support... I'm glad drawing and doodling helps you. It does help me too. Very soothing...

Ros: I find doodling a way to get all the anxiety on a page then by trying to make something of it it's like resolving the anxiety. Of course it's still there but I've calmed the beast a bit and even adorned it with colour, pattern and beauty.

Kassi: It's wonderful, I think, that you can express your anxiety and yes turn the 'beast' into something of beauty. As I look at your doodle, I find it so very attractive... I feel drawn in to really look closely.

Ros: I had a few worries going on and didn't know what to do so I started doodling to stay calm and stop being anxious

Kassi: And did that help? To doodle? Would you like to take a moment and just check in with how you're feeling right now?

Ros: I'm feeling fine. What do you think of that doodle? If I was looking at that I'd say - 'ah, a lot going on there!'

Kassi: Glad you're feeling fine. Would you like to say a bit about the "lot going on there". I am also happy to share what it going on in me too...

Ros: Mmm, a lot of uncertainties and not sure how they will resolve themselves. I want to sort things but sometimes it's not possible. What seems reasonable to you isn't always accepted. Sometimes trying to solve unreasonableness with reason doesn't work so I'm searching for other ways. I wonder if being 'unreasonable' and 'selfish' might be a new way to go? But I get joy helping others so I'm all over the place at times . I think that doodle shows a lot of conflict anguish but hope . What do you think?

Kassi: I get the feeling there are things to resolve which involve an other/s but it feels very much like You are the main one looking for ways to resolve things... like the other isn't doing much at all and when you meet a barrier/brick wall you then start searching for alternative routes to solve the issue(s)?

It feels like you take all the responsibility - the 'other' doesn't bother to help?   Being "Unreasonable and Selfish " feels like a judgement of you.. I wonder what it would sound like to change those two words to "Assertive" ?

You sound such a giving and loving human being Ros. Someone who goes to great lengths to help, resolve and to be reasonable.  But... you get pushed to the limit by others behaviour?

Ros: Oh, you are right Kassi that's exactly it.  'Assertive', that's better. I'll keep that in mind and yes bang on with that analysis.

Kassi:  Glad "assertiveness" resonates. I have this feeling that when we are younger we are called names such as selfish or difficult or whatever… And that is a manipulation to prevent us from asserting ourselves when things don't go well for us. And later in life when we try to resolve our problems we end up calling ourselves those names we were called, and that gets in the way of us resolving our problems today. I hope this makes sense…? I'm glad you will consider calling yourself Assertive now instead of other 'names'!


Kassi: Is it ok if I share a bit of what I see in your doodle?

Ros: Yes please!

Kassi: I guess I see You as the bottom half... very elegant, together... graceful. A solid appearance. I love all the dots trailing away so gently.. The top part of your doodle looks a bit of a jumble and pressing down on you, as if you're carrying all of the top half on your back...?

Ros: That's insightful , wow

Kassi: It is the sense I get but you may see it differently.

Ros: Thank you, it's been interesting and where as I could see turmoil you see some fine qualities. I think that's helped to shift my thinking a bit today - a more positive self image.

Kassi: I'm so pleased to hear this Ros. I am glad you will now see yourself more positively.  Can I say more about your doodle?

Ros: Yes please

Kassi: The part that I continue to be drawn towards and get curious about, is what I see as an "eye" peering through - and up - as if checking how you're doing?  But almost slyly?  This is my projection of course and I could be way off track... but wondering whose eye that might be? 

Ros: Gosh yes. It's a bit unnerving. Who could that be? Yes, I see it as an eye. Maybe it's someone testing me to see how much I can take ?

Kassi: I did wonder that too Ros given our conversation. I have a rebellious feeling within me but for you... A kind of "it's none of your business eye how I'm doing!" And I have a playful idea of inviting you to do something with that eye. As you are the Artist and you can use pen and ink to transform that "eye" - would you like to?   Does that appeal to you to do something with the "eye"?

Ros: I don't have the doodle to hand where I am. I can see it here on my mobile phone.

Kassi: Just wondering what it feels like to cover that "eye" with your finger even?

Ros: Gosh. Perhaps I'd dump all the anxiety and run for the hills then those gentle dots could grow into something unhindered, And appreciated.

Kassi: Wow that sounds wonderful and so freeing Ros... imagine feeling so unhindered...? Wow, if I can support you in any way to dump that lot and run, I'd love to.

Ros: Yes it's the bit in the middle getting from here to there. That's the tricky bit. Thank you Kassi this has been so interesting. That eye is unnerving!

Kassi: Just for a minute and only if you're willing to, you could close your eyes and just visualise yourself dumping that lot and running for the Hills, and then allowing those dots to develop. Visualising firstly could be a beginning?


Kassi: is it ok for me to do something with the "eye"?

Ros: Yes you do something with the eye 

Kassi:  Bye bye "eye" go and spy elsewhere. You aren't welcome here. I have lots of things to be doing with my life... I have lots of lovely dots to develop.

Ros: Oh that's good. Thank you x

Kassi: It's been a pleasure to explore with you Ros. Hang on to your new perspective of your assertive self. Please let me know if you want to explore further. Enjoy your day

Ros: Thanks very much Kassi x

I feel very excited to see how much superb personal growth can come from our Intuitive Art. This is Why I LOVE my job soooooo much!

Have you enjoyed reading this?

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