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But I'm Not Selling You Art Courses

embrace-kas-print this painting taught me so much

 Hi there

How are you?

I realised something really important whilst chatting with a lovely human who pointed out to me that I haven't been very clear about "what" my offering is.

This was a lightbulb moment. In fact it was more like a spotlight focused onto a barbed wire, perimeter fence!

My Expressive Art Courses are simply a vessel, a tool, to what I actually offer You!

I have a feeling you won't have experienced anything like my approach to living a happier life before. In fact I feel sure what I offer is completely unique.

Let me explain...

I wonder if like the old me, you are sick of giving and caring until you're on your knees? Perhaps you have a need to be liked, to be accepted, to receive the recognition you so rightly deserve?

I imagine you work long, hard hours, always with a bright, cooperative smile even though you have a headache, body pain, somatic symptoms like that lump in your throat, or a fizzing adrenaline with overwhelmed, 'cotton wool' mind. You end up feeling so stressed, anxious and flat in mood you ask yourself 'what is the point!?! Why do I bother??' Sound familiar?

You've perhaps done all you can at home, at work, pleasing your parents, your in laws, the kids... you've listened endlessly to friends, encouraging and accepting them, even though there is no space for you to share about yourself in the conversation...

and Still those demands keep coming right at you.

Perhaps you have trained yourself to the hilt, at your own expense, starved yourself till you fainted trying to be that size society tells us we must be... pouted and looked demure as in the glossy magazines, smiled brightly to mask your pain - all to no avail.

So where did it all go wrong? You followed all the rules but they let you down!

Discover & Transform

I'm offering you a way to develop your self esteem, happiness, make life change, become more assertive, find inner calm and confidence. I am offering you the ability to let go and say No and choose freedom to be your self. I offer you a way to listen to and connect with yourself. Don't worry, if you don't know who you are yet, we can tackle this together. It's never too late!

I offer you a map to Self Acceptance & Self Respect. Key Ingredients. Once you have these, things start to slot into place quickly. It's an amazing feeling to walk around filled with joy and inner peace rather than skulking about, braced for the next attack or demand.

Think how amazing will you feel when you love, accept and respect your self and let go of all that stuff that holds you back and wears you down?

THIS is what I offer You. Me. Kassi. Me and my unique approach. We do this through my vessel Expressive Art ecourses and we can talk together in person or online about all you are discovering.  It's amazing!

I have a myriad of Integrative ways to help you propel yourself towards all those things you need and want.

I can help you to let go of everything that no longer serves you. I have 20 years experience as a Counsellor and Creative Therapist.  I bring Everything I have to the table when we work together.

With me cheering you on, lovingly and supportively guiding or facilitating you, you can achieve anything & everything you want. I have lots of evidence that this is truly possible. Take a look at my testimonial page here on my website.

I've been developing my unique approach for years. Unique approaches take time to evolve. It was a long labour, gruelling birth and finally my Business emerged.

And just like you, I continue to develop me, my business and everything I bring to all we do together.

So just in case you weren't sure about what my "Product" is, I hope this has helped clarify. It's hard to sell Myself! Naturally I am not comfortable selling however whilst facilitating or teaching, I transform into an enthusiast and Let Go!! I have drive, energy and determination.  I want the very best life for You.

If you're ready to ditch all the rules you were handed as a child, get in touch! We can create exactly what you need together. I am very relational, creative and resourced and one thing is certain, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to help You get what you most want.

Email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I'd love to have a chat with you. I won't obligate you in any way <3

Try my free gifts. If they interest and intrigue you we can do more together - if it's what you want.  You will find my free gifts on the welcome page of my website, half way down the page Magic Squares and Wild Flowers.

Please connect with me in my free online community https://www.facebook.com/groups/489994494753593/ it's where the magic happens.


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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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