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A Little Nudge of Reassurance

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Hi there

How are you doing?  I have been so grateful for the cooler spell here in Scotland and have spent a few hours each day of extreme heat deep in my art studio (menapausal cave) but relishing the mornings and evenings. We love to sit in our garden with our lovely Bird Visitors watching their antics with breakfast.

Each day, I am lucky enough to receive emails with amazing Art images, sharing your experience of my art courses from those of you who are participating. So wonderful and affirming for me. Thank you and please continue <3

One of the other kind of emails I receive asks, what is it that they will 'get' from participating in my courses. So just in case you are desperately keen to dive right in to my free gift ecourse Letting Go or one of my other courses and yet hold back, hesitating, here is what I say to those who ask.

Making Intuitive Art through my courses offers you a means to healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually, working your way back towards your Whole Self you were born to become.

I've spent many years developing my Brave, Exciting, Uplifting online processes which offer You a healing experience through intuitive art, even if you haven't created since primary school.

In fact, the majority of you who participate have generally been told (by an 'authority') that you 'will never be an artist' or that 'you just aren't creative'.  I am so sad this happened to you, especially so young.  If you participate in my courses with me, you will be treated with the respect and love you deserve.

No matter what we are dealing with in life today, we can explore the possibility of making Intuitive Art to know ourselves more fully and therefore healing ourselves.

Apollo, God of the Arts & Medicine taught us that by creating Art we can know ourselves more fully and when we know ourselves, we feel more whole and can then heal from ill health.

We can awaken ourselves from the deep sleep of hypnotic daily life, and in some cases, from simply existing day by day, year in, year out.

Art making allows our inner voices to speak directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously to us.

Take Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online course available here on my website from the Art Courses page, as an example; we begin with a powerful exercise which sets Positive Intention. This in itself offers us an entrance inside, within... It's like knocking on the door of our Soul. Through my unique art making processes, the connection with our Soul becomes deeply empowering and honest if we truly want this for ourselves.

By creating through one of my online courses, we open up a visual and imaginative process that speaks deeply To Ourselves within.

My unique Paint The Tree of YOUR Life process gently leads you through 6 stages. Each stage allows you to step closer to your Truest Self, sometimes a Hiding Self, perhaps a Trembling, Fearful Self, occasionally when we have been deeply wounded we may be an Almost Invisible Self within offering you an incredible connection you may have never experienced before.

During my online processes, you are invited to keep a Journal which will be your Witness and Confident. Your Journal is the Keeper of your Stories. A good friend to hold your Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, Stories, Hopes, Dreams, Needs...

You have the opportunity to email me at each of the 6 stages and I will respond fully to each of your emails in my deeply compassionate, empathic and relational way.

I also offer a free Facebook group where we can share, connect and witness each other's journey for those who wish to.

Through my Intuitive Art process, your spirits & mood can lift, your confidence and self esteem can rise, you will develop self awareness, build firm Boundaries that may not have been there for a very long time, and can make new decisions.  This arises from your Art.

You can also develop your Body Wisdom and Intuition, learning how to tune inwards and develop your awareness of what you are Really saying, recognising your Needs and developing a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself.

Our stress levels reduce and we can release ourselves from anxieties and stuck, bodily felt emotions.  Many I work with experience somatic pain, headaches, neck ache, back pain, which can begin to loosen off and release us from discomfort. Your Painting, no matter which course you undertake, will teach you how you can express yourself, not just during my course but from then on, using my approach to Intuitive Art.

We impact our Nervous System in positive ways allowing our Body to shift out of Survival Mode and function more fully, particularly our Immune System which tends to switch off when we are stressed and in survival mode.

If you have been on the fence for a while about undertaking one of my Intuitive Art courses, now could be a good time to try. I have a beautiful free gift which offers you an Intuitive Art process to follow gently led step by step by me in a series of calm videos.  I offer you an added bonus of two FREE email interactions with me during your course.

My emails are rich, insightful, supportive, knowledgeable, healing, growthful, and empowering. I do not blow my own trumpet lightly! These are words that are fed back to me often by those who have experienced my online courses.

If you have been looking through my courses and perhaps experiencing an inner tussle between wanting to reach out and try but for some reason sitting on the fence of ambivalence, then it could be of great benefit to reach out.

Letting Go is a free gift. A genuine offer, and unless you take that first step towards my Offerings you will never know what you could gain from my course.

My introductory prices are gradually beginning to rise towards full value. They have been on offer for around two years whilst you try and experience my Gifts.

Letting Go is my beautiful FREE Gift and I offer you two email exchanges with me - absolutely FREE.  Go to my Art Courses page here on my website where you will find Letting Go.

My most recently created and popular course; Themed Intuitive Mixed Media was £15 and is now £30 with the added option to include me in an exchange of emails for £75.  Again you can find this course on my Art Courses page here on my website.

Paint The Tree of YOUR Life was at the introductory price of just £25. It was then £75 and is now £249. This is still a very low price for what it is truly worth.

Through time my Free course Letting Go will be priced, so please consider trying now while still available Free, if you really feel drawn towards my work.

You may like to visit my Testimonials page where you can read feedback from Caring, Giving Humans just like you. Please visit my Testimonials page here on my site to see what others have said.

So many of you say that you had been looking at my ecourses for ages, more than a year even, and hadn't known why you didn't sign up sooner.   

A little story;  I also recall staring longingly at a hugely successful Business Coaching Course for just £65 around 8 years ago. I gazed longingly for around 3 years - I Really, Really wanted to click the link.  In fact I did click the link and then backtracked a number of times!  It seemed too good to be true - if only I had trusted!  That doubtful something held me back for a long, long time and eventually when I did click that link and sign up, her Business Course was priced at £250, for which I paid, but berated myself for not buying it when it was £65. 

If only I had listened to my deep longing inside of me - my intuition - instead, I allowed my Inner Critic to get in the way, slap me about a bit and suggest stories to simply hold me back from growing professionally. Our Critic can really sabotage us! The good news is though I am rather helpful at dealing with our inner critic nowadays and this generally is part of every course I offer!  If only I'd had a course for myself back then.

If you have questions, please email me  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   I will reply.  If you would like to try my free gift course Letting Go, I feel really sure you will enjoy being playful, creative, discovering that in fact you CAN make art, step by step with me, leading you gently and lovingly through my Letting Go process.  It truly is a Free Gift and as long as you engage in it, I feel 99.99999% certain you will have an enjoyable and unique experience that offers you exactly what you truly need for Your life today.

Oh and I can't believe I almost forgot to say...!  My new course Honouring My Inner Child is coming soon.  It's been quite a journey as I go through the whole process fully myself so that I can create it.  I have had many laughs, tears, sighs...  listened to Dancing Queen, Abba and Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile, Cockney Rebel rather loudly late one night, and I found a beautiful new song for my Inner Child which I've had on repeat in the car.  I have truly embraced my Inner Child, meeting her from my Heart.  I will let you know when it's ready - just in case

Take good care of your self, 

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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