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A Free Gift For You from Me


​Hi there,

How are you?  You might like to stop for a moment and really check in with yourself... how are you doing right now?

I'm feeling a mix of excitement and energy about how my work is developing and I feel so grateful and happy.  My Online Group experiences for those interested in trying my Therapeutic Intuitive Art is blossoming wildly and teaching me so much more about how I help others.  I am also aware my body has been through quite a lot as I journey through menapause.  I feel rather embarrassed when I look back at times when others told me they were menapausal and in my naivety believed this wasn't such a big event.  I now know very differently and feel well armed to help support others through their generally pretty big and unique experience.

I wanted to send you a beautiful Free Invitation to one of my deeply nourishing and soulful Therapeutic Intuitive Art online groups - yes, Free of Charge.  Beginning April 21st I am offering a 5 week online group experience - a free gift from me to You.  A mixed media Tree painting course where I will lead you through a step by step process that you will just love so much!  No need to be creative or artistic just have a willingness to embrace my gentle step by step process.  Your own Tree painting is not likely to look like mine unless you absolutely want it to.

The simple act of dipping your fingers or a brush into beautiful paint can stir us so deeply we can feel moved to tears.

You may wonder why I do what I do and how what I do, can help you...?

I believe we are all born Free Spirits with amazing Intuition and our own Gifts however as a result of Family, Community and the wider world that we live in, we experience constraints from all angles, telling us how we should live our one precious life.  I understand we all need to survive and so we contort and twist ourselves to fit in and belong; at home, at school, in groups, at work and socially.  This 'fitting in and belonging' process we all tend to journey through can bring about anxiety, depression, stress and a disturbance to our Real or Core Selves.

....and then later in life, perhaps when our children have grown up, or our big career is burning us out, we begin to realise that we are in fact, unique individuals and distant memories of who and what we once were, begin to float around in our awareness,  nagging at us that our life is passing us by and we still aren't happy or content.  Yes we may have a smart car, lovely handbags, take fabulous holidays around the world but.... I am talking about a different kind of contentment with who we are.

How can painting with me help you with any of this you might ask.  When you participate in my Online Groups or in my studio workshops the key thing that most people experience is my desire to discover and know the Real, Core You.  Not the You that you had to become to fit in, to feel secure and loved...  the You that had to pass lots of exams to feel accepted or good enough in your Family, the You that had to become a Nurse when you really wanted to sing and dance on stage or like me, go to Secretarial and Business College when all I wanted to do was Paint and be an Artist.

Experiencing Therapeutic Intuitive Art combined with my unique way of Being towards you, allows your Real Self to feel safe enough to emerge through your Art.  This can be very exciting, thrilling and also a little wobbly-making as we begin to discover who we really are and what we truly want from our life.

My online groups are proving very popular.  They are gentle, nurturing and offers you a deeply nourishing and soulful experience.

I have found a way of offering my unique online group work in a flexible and relaxing way that allows you to take part any time that suits you and your busy world.  If April 21st isn't a good fit for you or your diary then you can show up when it  does suit and take part when you wish during the 6 weeks.  Each week a small step is offered to you.  Groups are kept to small numbers so if you decide to upload your images of your painting and share your process notes, you will be met and held with my warmth and compassionate way of being and know you are in a group of like-minded others who will respect and accept your unique way of being.

As I facilitate your journey through my step by step process your self awareness will develop and you will discover parts of your Self that have been hiding safely away in fear of judgement.  You will also pick up lovely, creative methods from me and learn what  an amazing feeling it is to free yourself up with paint  and canvas.

If you have questions or would like to take part in my next  FREE online group experience - get in touch to book your place by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect with me on fb/private message me; Kas Martin. 

You will need a facebook account to take part, some basic art materials, a notebook or journal - oh and your favourite CDs!

Look forward to hearing from you,



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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